The Apostasy of Man

Genesis 6:1-6 ESV
“When man began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them,  the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose.  Then the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not abide in (put up with) man forever…”

At the beginning of the end, according to this passage today, the sons of God took for themselves woman on the earth. This description is unnerving at best but scholars give several different interpretations for this passage.

The sons of God were not sent by God, this act was an abomination to God, nor were they Angels of God seeing that God would not allow this first of all and Angels do not marry. (Matthew 22:30)

Some scholars have speculated that these were fallen angels that took up human forms. This is not really too far fetched and seems the most plausible explanation. These fallen angels took up relations with women and bore children that were giants, Mighty men, but evil.

In Genesis 6:6 says, “And the Lord regretted that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to His heart. ” God is Holy and Just and He could not allow this apostate to continue. So, God sent the flood in Noah’s time to destroy the inhabitants of earth.

Some people would be sympathetic with the inhabitants of the earth, this was not billions of people or billions of animals and they did not inhabit all of the earth. The known world at the time, according to scholars, was culminated in the Asia minor and Asia region.

Always remember God does not react, He acts in purpose and in His pointed time. He knows what is going to happen before it happens. He knows humans direction before they even think of the next step. The next step was to stop man before they become extremely wicked.

God will destroy cities and nations in the future that are against His people after the flood but never the whole earth again until after the tribulation period. We live in troubled times. God will not always strive with man, but we are here to live for God and fight on our knees to overcome evil with God.

God, I realize this world is becoming more wicked by the day. But as you did with Noah, You will see those who are righteous, who will run to You . Save us!