Luke 7:47 ESV
“Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven- for she (Mary) loved much. But he who is forgiven little, loves little.”

Mary annointed Jesus’s feet in the house of Simon who was a Pharisee. She had no right to be in this house because she was not invited and she was a sinner. To be allowed entrance into Simon’s house, she first of all would have to be invited.

Second, according to Jewish law, she would have to be cleansed by the priest and offered the required sacrifice and she would have had to take appropriate actions to separate herself from the public for a prescribed period of time. Grace is sounding really good isn’t it?

Mary chose to offer praise and Thanksgiving to the Master (God in flesh) instead of going through rituals. She side stepped the law and went for mercy. She took an offering of costly perfume and went to the Pharisee’s house and probably knocked on the door. As the servant would have opened the door, she entered probably without saying a word.

I assure you that all who saw and knew her we’re not only shocked but angry and indignant that this woman of sin dared to be in the presence of these Pharisees in their own home.

Immediately she went into action to offer the Savior her debt of gratitude and love. As she began to anoint the Saviors feet, tears of gratitude flowed from her eyes and washed the Savior’s feet. In those days, in the better homes, they reclined at the table to eat so the Saviors feet were accessible.

As Mary washed and anointed the Savior’s feet, the fragrant smell of this costly perfume filled the house. At this point all conversation must have stopped, all eyes would have been on Mary and the Master. The Pharisees were probably expecting Jesus to ask her to stop and leave but instead he praised her for her offering of love and thanksgiving.

Jesus turned this moment into a lesson for the Pharisees. He told a parable about forgiveness and ended it with, whoever is forgiven much loves much. Who is forgiven little loves little.

Mary had much forgiven and her praise, love and thanksgiving were honored. If Jesus has forgiven us much, than our love should be expressed in exuberant praise, worship and thanksgiving.

Father, give me boldness like Mary to honor You. Lift up my voice and my actions to praise You from the mountain tops.

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