John 17:17 ESV
“Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.”

I have heard people say, “we don’t know what is true anymore.” As far as worldly wisdom and knowledge is concerned, that’s true! But God’s word is always true! Some may not believe in God, but that doesn’t make it true, He is more real than anything I can see or know. Some may say they don’t believe all the Bible is true, but that doesn’t make what they believe true.

John under the inspiration of the Spirit said God’s word is true! David said hundreds of times in the Psalms that God’s word is true! Solomon the wisest man that ever lived said in his writings that God’s words are true! Paul said in 2 Timothy 3:16 that scripture is the very breath of God. We may not know about a lot of things whether they are true or not, But ALL of God’s words are true.

Father, I live in a Spiritually dry and dusty land full of lies and deception. But your word is a river of life! The one thing I can hold on to is that ALL of Your words are true! Father sanctify me in Your truth!

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