Isaiah 43:18 ESV
“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.”

Sometimes we let our past define who we are. We allow our past circumstances and events to control our futures. We allow people in our past to set standards for our characteristics, academics and careers.

One of my older brothers was offered a scholarship in high-school for college, Mom and dad did not have money for college for six boys so that scholarship would have been a blessing. When the college approached my brother’s high school chorus teacher, she declined the scholarship sighting that my brother did not have the academic ability to pass college courses.

Although this was a huge let down for my brother, he applied for a different college and took a couple of jobs to pay his way through college. To make this story short, my brother not only finish his bachelors degreebut he went on to get his masters and doctorate degree.

He has been a minister for fifty years, a professor in several universities and helped develop departments for ministry in a couple of Christian Universities. He has developed a church program that is used all over the world for pastor training and church building.

Don’t let anyone ever label you or say you can’t do certain jobs or hold you back. When God is in you nothing is impossible.

Father, I look to You, the Author and Finisher of my faith. Teach me to put aside my past failures and setbacks and press on to achieve what You have for me.

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