Testifying Wherever We Go

Acts 8:1,4 ESV
“…And on that day a great persecution arose against the church in Jerusalem; and they were all scattered throughout the region of Judea and Samaria, except the apostles. Now those who were scattered went about preaching the word.”

We see persecution as a troubling and uncomfortable matter, and it is for the most part. Someone is always going to believe different than we do, and of course, they believe we have lost our minds to believe the way we do.

Even the crusades, if you look at the cause and effect, were religious persecution in action against other religions. We will never make anyone believe in Jesus by force, and other religions will never make us believe their way by force.

Saul and the council believed that they could drive out Christianity, but all they did was help Christianity spread Luke records that as the Christians were scattered to other regions, they went preaching the word.

I don’t doubt or dismiss Luke, but most of these people were not preachers at all, but they did tell of what Christ had done for them. In fact, they told of His love and mercy and His sacrifice, and the miracles that had occurred by His hands, and at the hands of the Apostles. That is spreading the gospel, testifying, anyone can do that, and they did do that, both young and old.

Testifying is not hard, just tell what God did for you and let God take care of the rest. Plant the seeds!

Lord, lead me in the way that I should go and never let me be silent about Your Son and the price that He paid for me at Calvary.