Listen, Apply, Meditate and Speak

Proverbs 22:17-18 NLT
“Listen to the words of the wise; apply your heart to my instruction. For it is good to keep these sayings in your heart and always ready on your lips.”

Solomon gives some great advice in these two verses. Listen to those who are wiser. If you don’t know anyone wiser, listen to God’s word’s, His words are the wisest.

Next apply the wise word’s that you have heard. Apply them to your life, apply them to your daily thoughts and activities. Apply them to your jobs or careers, apply the wise word’s to everything that you encounter. Sometimes this will be someone wiser or even better the Word of God.

Next meditate on the wise word’s of God. Let the wise word’s work in your heart and mind. Think about the wise sayings often.

I think about the Word’s I read in the Bible every day, because Jesus said from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. If I have wise sayings in my heart, then they will come out of my mouth in a way people can understand.

We have enough people every day uttering foolish things, why not have some wisdom to pass along. We could use some refreshing wisdom in the world.

Lord, help me to listen for Your wisdom and apply them to my heart and life. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be filled with Your Words.