James 4:3a
“You ask and do not receive, because you ask with the wrong motives…”

God answers ALL of our prayers but sometimes we have no idea why He doesn’t answer them in the way we desire for them to be answered. I will draw an example from my own life: I desire healing of my body, more specifically for my knees and my right elbow, but I continuously have pain in those areas. Why?

One answer FOR ME, and I stress for me, I have worked hard for 53 years, I’ve abused my body working. Healing would be my choice, but I hear God saying, slow down, I have other things for you to do.

Does that mean God is not going to heal me? I have no idea, but I’m getting a clue of the answer that I am looking for is not the ability to keep working hard physically but to start working hard for the Lord. As I said, that is for me, that’s my answer that I was not looking for, but I’m satisfied with that.

For others that believe their prayers are going unanswered? Maybe you should stop long enough to see what God is speaking to you. Change jobs? Change careers, change your way of doing things? Seeking counsel, ask advice from other intelligent people, professional people, or another doctor, get a second opinion perhaps?

Think about it, the next time you ask God for something and it seems like your prayers are not getting above the ceiling. He may be telling you something that is not currently in your wheelhouse of thought.

Lord, as I remind myself continuously, prayer is a line of communication between you and me, not a monologue. I speak You listen, You speak I listen. When that sinks in, prayer gets a whole lot simpler and a whole lot more effective.