Our Approach

Just a little bit about myself: I was born into a Christian family, the youngest son with five older brothers and no sisters.  What made our home so unique is that we were taught Christianity at home.  We went to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and every Wednesday night.  Even though we went to church the basic concept of Christianity was taught in our home.  We were poor so we worked the land on a small farm to sustain the family, hard work would prove to be a core value in our Christian up bringing.

Every day we read a few scriptures and we prayed together in the mornings before anyone left the home for work or school.  At night we also knelt by our beds and prayed.  Around the dinner table we were taught how to pray and thank God for His provisions.  We were also taught values, manners, morality and respect, four things that are missing in most homes today.  At church we were taught bible stories when we where children and when we grew older we were in the adult church and learned the word of God from the pastor.

When I was nineteen years old I left home and moved 250 miles away to a strange environment, but still a Christian setting.  I was taught to have daily devotions all my life so I continues that trend.  Not really understanding the bible except for the major stories, I still read and prayed as taught at home.  One evening I was sitting alone reading my daily passage for that day in John 11. I had heard the story many times but that night it seemed more real, at the point it seemed to come alive and speak to me.  I'm not really sure what happened that evening but God opened my eyes, as if for the first time and I began to understand not just the major stories of the bible but now the whole bible.

That journey led me to a deeper walk with God and then eventually to teaching bible studies, Sunday School classes of varies age groups, Wednesday night classes, becoming a youth pastor, and in a few short years an associate pastor.  I was an associate pastor for four different pastors over the next several years until one day God had different plans and I began pastoring a small church.  My passion is helping people to understand the word of God, helping people understand who God is and what God wants for them in life and to understand how to be led by the Spirit of God.  What drives me is wanting to be effective for God, being effective for the Kingdom of God and helping other to follow God's plan for their life.  Effectiveness leaves no room for complacency, half hearted motivation and laziness.  I do not ever want to be satisfied with where I am at in my walk with God.  I want to be closer, hear better and walk more effectively with Him.  The only way I have been able to know God is through His word and practical application of His word in my life.  So, I teach the whole word of God because it is there I have known my heavenly Father, His Holy Spirit and Jesus my Lord and Savior.


Pastor Johnie

Our Story