Zeal for the Things of God

Romans 12:11 NIV
“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”

We don’t use words zeal and fervor much anymore but in the New Testament times these two words were a vital part of a new movement called Christianity. Christianity was always supposed to be the energy and vitality of life. Christians should smile more, laugh more, be on top of the world, so-to-speak, even when things aren’t going exactly like we want them too.

In New Testament times, zeal ment; a feeling of strong eagerness towards a cause or purpose. In this sense Paul was telling the Christians in Rome to be excited about the Lord. Be excited about spreading the good news, the Gospel.

Spiritual fervor is an evidence of faith that is alive. It is vibrant and effervescent in the presence of our Holy God. It can be found in praise and worship and can be found in the fellowship with believers, and when we are telling someone about the good news of the gospel.

Paul is the cheerleader in his letter to the Christians in Rome. He is stirring them up when he said, “never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor,┬áserving the Lord.” This morning don’t drag into your church service, go in with zeal and spiritual fervor.

Lord, the fact is, sometimes we lose our zeal because we forget what You have done for us, what You have brought us out of, and where we will be forever with You. Stir up our zeal and spiritual fervor for You! In Your name Lord, Amen