Mother’s Day

Proverbs 31:28a
“Her children stand and bless her.”

I remember growing up and celebrating Mother’s Day, especially at church. The mothers came to church in their best outfits, many times in my younger years they wore elaborate hats. Most of the time, the church celebrated the oldest mothers, the youngest mothers and of course the mothers that had the most children present in the service that morning.

The church would have a gift or a flower for every mother in the church. It doesn’t happen like that much anymore. Most of our mothers are with the Lord now, but we still sing their praises in words, actions, and deeds. Here’s what I mean. By the way we act at home, in the public eye, how we are in business typically reflects the way we were raised, not every time, but much of our mannerisms come from our childhood.

People will see if we are caring, loving, admirable, kind, prolific, hard workers, goal setters, achievers and mostly that we are godly people. People can see if we are prominent citizens of society and more, we are great citizens of the Kingdom of God.

As role models, our mothers hopefully shared their faith with us and taught us the value of serving the King. We not only live for Jesus, but we also teach others to live for Jesus as well. My upbringing at home was to serve God faithfully, to lean on Jesus, to walk in faith and victory and be a hard worker. To stand up for my rights as a citizen of the Kingdom and a citizen of America. Thank you, mom!

Father, thank You for our mothers. Thank you for the examples of faith and love. We can still stand and bless our mothers Father, but mostly let us live a life that blesses our mothers by the way we live, think, talk and walk with You.

To honor our mothers is to honor You for providing us mothers and spiritual mothers along our journeys, and to live a life that would please them and please You, Amen!