Cast Away

1 Peter 5:7 NIV
“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”

When someone is in trouble in a pool of water, you can cast them a lifeline. When we are in trouble in life, we know Jesus is our lifeline, we cry out to Him. When life gets us anxious, we can turn and cast that care or anxiety, or worry on Jesus. Then we have to really let go of it, no I mean really let go of it.

That is a hard lesson for some of us. We love to mull things over in our mind and think of ways that we can fix things. There is a better solution, and it takes practice, “Cast all your anxiety on Him…”

When our finances are in trouble, cast it on Him. When our kids are acting out, yes even as adults, cast it on Him. When it seems like this nation is in a free fall, cast it on Him.

When this verse ends, “…because he cares for you.” That means He has already seen what is coming and He knows what to do to fix things. He knows the perfect solutions, the perfect corrections, the perfect answers because He cares about us so much, He wants the best for us.

Someone asked me, “why doesn’t He just fix things?” Because He wants us to lean on Him, trust Him, believe in Him, cast our anxieties on Him ACTIVELY! He wants a real relationship, close relationships with each and everyone of us.

Otherwise, if He just fixed everything, we would have people walking around saying dumb things like, “Oh the universe fixed things for me”, or “wasn’t that lucky for that situation to just work out on its own?” No! When we cast all of our cares on Him, then we know He is the righter of wrongs, He is the answer, He is the way the truth and the life.

Lord Jesus, we cast all of our cares on You. You have been watching, You know what is coming up in our lives, and as they do, I know You are prompting us to cast every care on You and let You take care of us. In Your name Lord Jesus, Amen!